The Mori Brown Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The more we grow, the more we acknowledge all the efforts our mums have put into making us happy. A pleasant home, good food, an education, kind words – you can’t really count all the amazing things they did for us, and all the sacrifices they so gracefully made.

Although we should be thankful to them every single day, we’ve got at least one special, designated holiday as a reminder: Mother’s Day. This is the one day we get to put everything aside and focus on motherhood – plus we get to make some thoughtful gifts, too! We crafted a gift guide to match your mum’s personality. Not that she’d fit into a single category – chances are she’s a fashionista, a kitchen fairy, a workaholic and an adventurer all at once!


1. Sunglasses | 2. Necklace | 3. Clutch | 4. Mid heel booties

Your mum is a fashionista if you’re jealous of her wardrobe way past kids dress-up games. And since it’s her we’re celebrating, why not feed her passion? Accessories are the way to go here – protective sunglasses, a custom necklace that shows how much you care, a cute clutch to put a smile on her face, or stylish mid heel booties that she can wear through the winter!


1. DIY flower banner | 2. Printable card | 3. Flats | 4. DIY candle votives

This woman clearly works too much! Pamper her with a pretty floral banner reading “Take a break. It’s Mother’s Day” and don’t forget to write her a thoughtful card. Buy her a pair of comfortable flats to replace her usual office shoes, and allow her to relax with a pretty candle set that you make especially for her.


1. Placemats | 2. Cake | 3. Flats | 4. Printable card

“A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” Couldn’t agree more! You can print that on a card as a sign of appreciation, and for once, you can take baking off her hands and make a really pretty cake. Other suggestions are the reversible placemats that will get so much use in the kitchen, or the stylish flats for the person who spends so much time standing up.


1. DIY pillows | 2. Bag | 3. Notebook | 4. Boots

If you’ve got the traveler’s gene in your family, your mum will embark on any adventure that comes along! A pair of sturdy, fashionable boots will be of great aid, and the same for a crossbody carry-all bag. If you want to tickle her fancy even when she’s at home, a set of custom DIY pillows is a great solution. And who wouldn’t love a handmade notebook to put down travel tips?


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7. Kitten heels 

What makes your legs longer but allows you to dance all night as well? That’s right: the kitten heels, with their party-perfect height and comfort. For the holidays, we count on T-strap sandals with a medium heel. As for colours, the sky is the limit: pick anything, from classic black to trendy colour block.

8. Oversized sunnies 

You can’t really feel glamorous without the number one diva accessory: the oversized sunnies. Not only are they great for the actual party, but you’ll be glad to find them in your purse the morning after, when your make-up is a bit runny and you’re overtired. We just love cat eye: they’re chic and they look good on any face shape.


9. Coloured blazer

A little black dress is known as a wardrobe saviour, but how can you spice it up? This is where the blazer comes in – not the dull, office blazer, but the fun, colourful one! Coral, electric blue, even neon green can work, depending on where you’re going.


 10. Headpiece 

The star of all parties, and your greatest help on bad hair days: the headpiece. Make it oversized if you want to turn heads, or pick something sweet and subtle if you’d rather keep to yourself. Look at Derby Day for inspiration!


11. Cutout back 

One of fashion’s best kept secrets is the cutout back. Not only it is unexpected and sexy, but it’s also airy and fresh. Pick tops or dresses in virtually any fabric, and you do the old Coco Chanel trick of adorning your back with your favorite necklace, only worn backwards.


12. One piece swimsuit

If you plan on relaxing on the beach for the holidays, do so wearing a one piece swimsuit in quirky, digital prints. Think animals, galaxies far, far away, life-like flora, and even scenery. Just in case, you can dress it up with a chiffon maxi and some bracelets!