Mori Brown shoe parties feature in the local paper

We featured in the local paper today! Our first article since launching Mori Brown. Very exciting 🙂

Shoe parties are a great way to combine your love of shoes with catching up with friends. If you are interested in finding out more about hosting your own party, please fill out the form below or email

Hills Shire Times 10 Dec 2013


12 trends of Christmas and New Year…..Part 1

Some people say that there’s no greater pleasure than the pleasure of giving. And while that may be true in an ideal world, in the real world we know that a little self-pampering can go a long way! With Christmas fast approaching and New Years Eve following soon after, we think there’s no better time to indulge in some retail therapy. And if you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got it covered: from office shoes to kitten heels, from party dresses to swimsuits.

1. Comfortable shoes


One thing’s certain about party preparations: they take lots of time and patience! So think ahead when planning your Christmas shopping, outfit included! Pick comfortable, office shoes like Trounce from By Appointment, that won’t kill your feet, and wear clothes that you can easily take off – like a sundress – in case you want to try on a million cute things.  

2. Party dress


What’s a party season without the party dress? Chiffon is a great choice for fabric, because it’s dressy and airy all at once. Pair it with kitten heels or vintage style heels like Haydo by Zola Collection for an elegant look, and dance the night away!

3. Lace blouse 


A lace blouse is essential for dressing up instantly. It pairs well with anything, from pencil skirts with heels to cropped pants with office shoes, and it’s a great base for layering necklaces. We love its ivory variety – it’s so classic and versatile – but any other colour will do!

4. Dress shorts 


Holiday season or not, you can count on the dress shorts. They’re a bit structured and not all that short, so you can pair them with a blazer and office shoes like Horta by Zola collection, for a work party. Even better, you can pull a Chloe Sevigny and wear them with clashing prints and minimal jewellery.

5. Cuff bracelet


No arm party is complete without the proper cuff bracelet! Gold is the hit color this season, and it just so happens that it’s perfect to wear at Christmas parties! For a romantic touch, go for lace-like filigree, and stack them up like a true fashionista if you want to make an impression.

6. Sequin skirt 


It doesn’t get any more festive than the sequin skirt, now does it? It can make absolutely any top go from anonymous to fabulous, and with the right shoes, it will be all the rage! Our choice is knee length, suited for any occasion.

Look out for the final 6 trends in part 2 of 12 trends of Christmas…..

Introducing: Mori Brown Shoe Party

If you prefer to try before you buy but don’t want to hit the shops, let Mori Brown come to you! We’ve combined two of our favorite things – shoes and parties – into a new and exciting concept that’s all the buzz right now. You be the host, and let us take care of the fab factor: the shoes. We know that there’s no better entertainment for women than being around shoes!

Mori Brown Shoe Party

How does a shoe party work?

It’s actually quite simple. If you’re located in the Sydney area and have a venue, all you need is a time and date for the event. We bring the shoes, for you and your friends to try on and have fun. You get to try on as many pairs as you want whilst relaxing and catching up on the latest gossip!

What are the advantages of a shoe party?

Besides having a blast with your girlfriends? We give you, the host, Mori Brown credits, depending on how many shoes you sell. That is, $50 credits for every 5 pairs of shoes sold. And to make it even easier for you, we’re offering a 10% discount for everyone on every purchase made during the shoe party.

Funraising Ideas

Do you have any fundraising ideas?

Actually, we do! If you’re interested in cheap fundraising ideas, we have the perfect solution. And we’ve already tested it with our corporate clients – it’s safe to say the concept is a success!

The idea is simple: you organise a shoe party, as described above, but we involve a charity, too. This way, everybody wins! We will tailor the perfect package for you and your guests, for example: we donate 10% of all sales to a charity of your choice, while also keeping the 10% discount for your friends and the host benefits, too.

Where do I sign?

Feel free to contact us for a shoe party by emailing or sending a private message on our Facebook page. You give us the details of your event (date, time, location), and we will reply shortly with an answer.

The Mori Brown Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The more we grow, the more we acknowledge all the efforts our mums have put into making us happy. A pleasant home, good food, an education, kind words – you can’t really count all the amazing things they did for us, and all the sacrifices they so gracefully made.

Although we should be thankful to them every single day, we’ve got at least one special, designated holiday as a reminder: Mother’s Day. This is the one day we get to put everything aside and focus on motherhood – plus we get to make some thoughtful gifts, too! We crafted a gift guide to match your mum’s personality. Not that she’d fit into a single category – chances are she’s a fashionista, a kitchen fairy, a workaholic and an adventurer all at once!


1. Sunglasses | 2. Necklace | 3. Clutch | 4. Mid heel booties

Your mum is a fashionista if you’re jealous of her wardrobe way past kids dress-up games. And since it’s her we’re celebrating, why not feed her passion? Accessories are the way to go here – protective sunglasses, a custom necklace that shows how much you care, a cute clutch to put a smile on her face, or stylish mid heel booties that she can wear through the winter!


1. DIY flower banner | 2. Printable card | 3. Flats | 4. DIY candle votives

This woman clearly works too much! Pamper her with a pretty floral banner reading “Take a break. It’s Mother’s Day” and don’t forget to write her a thoughtful card. Buy her a pair of comfortable flats to replace her usual office shoes, and allow her to relax with a pretty candle set that you make especially for her.


1. Placemats | 2. Cake | 3. Flats | 4. Printable card

“A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” Couldn’t agree more! You can print that on a card as a sign of appreciation, and for once, you can take baking off her hands and make a really pretty cake. Other suggestions are the reversible placemats that will get so much use in the kitchen, or the stylish flats for the person who spends so much time standing up.


1. DIY pillows | 2. Bag | 3. Notebook | 4. Boots

If you’ve got the traveler’s gene in your family, your mum will embark on any adventure that comes along! A pair of sturdy, fashionable boots will be of great aid, and the same for a crossbody carry-all bag. If you want to tickle her fancy even when she’s at home, a set of custom DIY pillows is a great solution. And who wouldn’t love a handmade notebook to put down travel tips?