12 trends of Christmas and New Year…..Part 1

Some people say that there’s no greater pleasure than the pleasure of giving. And while that may be true in an ideal world, in the real world we know that a little self-pampering can go a long way! With Christmas fast approaching and New Years Eve following soon after, we think there’s no better time to indulge in some retail therapy. And if you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got it covered: from office shoes to kitten heels, from party dresses to swimsuits.

1. Comfortable shoes


One thing’s certain about party preparations: they take lots of time and patience! So think ahead when planning your Christmas shopping, outfit included! Pick comfortable, office shoes like Trounce from By Appointment, that won’t kill your feet, and wear clothes that you can easily take off – like a sundress – in case you want to try on a million cute things.  

2. Party dress


What’s a party season without the party dress? Chiffon is a great choice for fabric, because it’s dressy and airy all at once. Pair it with kitten heels or vintage style heels like Haydo by Zola Collection for an elegant look, and dance the night away!

3. Lace blouse 


A lace blouse is essential for dressing up instantly. It pairs well with anything, from pencil skirts with heels to cropped pants with office shoes, and it’s a great base for layering necklaces. We love its ivory variety – it’s so classic and versatile – but any other colour will do!

4. Dress shorts 


Holiday season or not, you can count on the dress shorts. They’re a bit structured and not all that short, so you can pair them with a blazer and office shoes like Horta by Zola collection, for a work party. Even better, you can pull a Chloe Sevigny and wear them with clashing prints and minimal jewellery.

5. Cuff bracelet


No arm party is complete without the proper cuff bracelet! Gold is the hit color this season, and it just so happens that it’s perfect to wear at Christmas parties! For a romantic touch, go for lace-like filigree, and stack them up like a true fashionista if you want to make an impression.

6. Sequin skirt 


It doesn’t get any more festive than the sequin skirt, now does it? It can make absolutely any top go from anonymous to fabulous, and with the right shoes, it will be all the rage! Our choice is knee length, suited for any occasion.

Look out for the final 6 trends in part 2 of 12 trends of Christmas…..


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