Race-day survival tips

Don’t forget your feet

You’re race-day ready, with a rocking frock and a hat you’d sell your own mother for. But what about your feet?

The right shoe really has the power to make or break your outfit – and your day. So it’s important to put your right foot forward.

At Mori Brown we believe it’s important to be fashionable, but not so fashionable it hurts or puts you at risk of falling over. Remember, picking the right shoe is just the same as dressing to your body shape – just because it’s fashionable doesn’t mean it’s the right shoe for you.

Baylee Knights & Angela Menz at the Melbourne Cup 2013

Baylee Knights & Angela Menz in proper footwear at the Melbourne Cup 2013. Photo by David Caird/News Limited

Block heels and ankle straps

The big trends for footwear this year are block heels and ankle straps which make Haydo and Hespa perfect for any outfit.

A block heel will leave you less likely to sink into the ground and more likely to still be wearing your shoes at the end of the night. There is nothing worse than finding a killer outfit with killer shoes but having to take them off and walk around bare foot because your feet just can’t stand it any longer.

Melbourne 2013 Cup Fashion

A less than ideal shoe situation at the Melbourne Cup 2013. Photo via AAP/Press Association Images

Black, white or bright

The colours to be seen in this year are either black and white monochrome, metallic or bright colours. If you are bold enough to go bright, the colours to look out for are yellow, tangerine, blue, green, coral and red. Take a look at our Orange Hespa, a beautiful summer wedge made with soft suede.


Jennifer Marsh at the Myer Fashions on the Field. Photo via fabulous-femme.com

Jennifer Marsh at the Myer Fashions on the Field. Photo via fabulous-femme.com

Foot survival kit

So you’ve found your pair of killer heels and when you arrive at the races you turn heads because you look so fabulous. But how do you ensure you don’t end up looking like you have stuck to the chair you spotted and claimed as soon as you arrived OR have suddenly lost 3 inches in height and are having to walk over hot coals as you make your way out of the venue? Well following our Mori Brown foot survival kit could be a start:

  • Choose a shoe which is high enough for you to feel like Marilyn BUT you can also stand, walk and run in a manner that does not make you resemble a young giraffe just learning to walk.
  • Just before you put on your shoes, lightly coat the blister prone areas of your feet with Paw Paw, Vaseline or moisturizer and slip on your race-day shoes.
  • Always pack band aids.
  • Insert a pair of In-Sole Party feet to protect the balls of your feet from developing that burning feeling which is annoyingly itchy at the same time.
An attendee falls over at the Melbourne Cup 2013.

Another example of fashion gone wrong from the races. Image via AAP/Press Association Images.

Final thought

Don’t over-complicate it – less is always more. And always ensure you pick one thing to focus on. If you’ve gone big with headwear and accessories, go simple with your dress and vice/versa.


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